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"u only care about yourself"
i also care about videogames

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HTTYD // Tumblr Text Post Meme 4/?

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

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Peter the rule changer (Chris Evans Breakfast Show August 23rd)

  • Chris Evans: I'm already in trouble because earlier on I called you the brand new Doctor Who and apparently that's not the done thing.
  • Peter Capaldi: Isn't it?
  • Chris: Your the brand new doctor
  • Peter: Oh really, who says that? Who makes these rules?
  • Chris: Everybody who knows about Doctor Who.
  • Peter: Oh really. I like to know who makes these rules. I like to change them all the time - I like to say Doctor Who, the Doctor, Doctor
  • Chris: You can say whatever you like I suppose because you're part of that dynasty.
  • Peter: Because I am Doctor Who.


escalators are better than elevators because when escalators break they turn into stairs but when elevators break they turn into vertical coffins

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ppl who don’t dress up for halloween bc it’s too childish are halloweak

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HTTYD // Text Post Meme 3/?

Part 1

Part 2

Part 4

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